Community Members: Why Join?

PTSA offers something for everyone in the community

Our PTSA offers our diverse community many opportunities to build a strong MHS, including

Senior Citizens and Grandparents

  • The PTSA can provide opportunities for our seniors and grandparents through:
    • Active participation on committees
    • Providing mentoring opportunities for students and young parents
    • Connecting to our youth

Community Groups

  • The PTSA is always looking for partnerships with community groups. The benefits include:
    • Increased visibility and accessiblity
    • Shared resources via volunteer crossover

Businesses, Chambers of Commerce, and Trade Associations

  • The PTSA offers opportunities for these folks via:
    • Positive public relations for the local community
    • Invesment in the future - businesses can share knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to secure future workers
    • Staff training - PTA gives leadership training to members

Government officials

  • The PTSA can provide the following benefits:
    • PTSA can facilitate access to parents and can provide feedback from an elected official's constituents
    • Partnering with the PTSA helps to create a healthy, nurturing environment for the whole community.


(borrowed most of this information from the PTA Membership Guide).

For More Information

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