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Community Service 2016-17

Milpitas USD | AR 6142.4 Instruction

Service Learning/Community Service


The Governing Board recognizes that service learning and community service opportunities can enhance academic outcomes, help students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become informed and responsible citizens, and aid in individual career development. Service learning experiences may also motivate students by providing them the opportunity to apply their studies to school and community needs by showing them that they can make a contribution to their community through involved citizenship (BP 6142.4).

Community service is sponsored by a teacher, school staff, school organization, or an outside organization.

Community service shall not be:

  • Directly religious such as performing as an altar boy or acolyte.
  • Done in support of bipartisan political campaigns, however supporting polling places is acceptable community service.

The community service committee was established in the spring of 2016 to help facilitate community service and service learning opportunities for students. This committee will meet twice each semester during the months of August, October, January and April, or as needed, with the community service coordinator and MHS admin to review updates to policy changes and/or to ensure the integrity of the program.


The Community Service Committee has established four pillars by which all community service hours will be evaluated and/or approved.

Community Service has a sense of purpose and meaning to the student

Community Service is in service to others and the community

Community Service promotes responsibility

Community Service is recognized and valued


The Community Service Committee promotes volunteer opportunities that will help students:

            Gain new perspectives and opportunities

            Create a sense of belonging

            Promote teamwork

            Strengthen skills

            Feel compassion for others

            Connect to their community

            Feel engaged with their school


The Community Service Committee recognizes community service shall be safe, enjoyable, satisfying, achievable, and realistic. 

Community Service Hour Deadlines

20 hours deadline: All senior students must submit their community service hours to the community service coordinator no later than the first Friday in April. This deadline will allow the community service coordinator to work with students to find opportunities for said students who have not yet met the 20 hour graduation requirement.

Maroon Cord deadline:  All senior students must submit the total of their community service hours to the community service coordinator no later than the third week of April. This deadline will allow the community service coordinator and MHS administration time to prepare the senior graduation program for printing.

  • Seniors who turn in their 150 hours by the end of the second week of October will receive a "maroon cord certificate" and will have their hours officially placed on their transcripts in time for college applications.
  • MHS will create a calendar of quarterly updates to enter hours into Aeries. These hours will be included in the credit letters for juniors and seniors.

Approval for Community Service Hours

Students will not be required to have community service hours pre-approved. The community service coordinator/committee will provide students and parents with a checklist of acceptable volunteer opportunities both on and off MHS campus.

  • A list of community organizations offering volunteer opportunities will be provided. 
    • Students will not be required to perform community service outside of MHS.
    • Community organizations will not be vetted by Milpitas Unified School District. MUSD will assume no liability.
  • All volunteer opportunities must adhere to the four community service pillars.
  • The community service coordinator/committee will review questionable student hours as needed during their quarterly meetings.


Students who engage in volunteer activities that raise money will be accepted as long as they adhere to the four pillars, and the individual student receives no direct financial benefit.


Community Service Opportunities

On-Campus vs. Off Campus: There will be no requirement for students to participate in volunteer hours off campus. All community service requirements can be satisfied on-campus.


School Hours: Community service hours will not be accepted if the student engages in volunteer activities during class time. Community service hours earned outside of class time will be accepted.

  • Students will receive volunteer hours regardless if they are required to attend and/or are graded for their time/involvement.
    • Example: Students will receive hours for volunteering as a tutor for peers. Hours must be earned on the student’s own time, outside of school hours (before school, lunch, and after school).
    • Example: Team managers/assistants will receive credit for their team responsibilities after school hours.

Differentiated Community Service Opportunities

Special Education Students: Students with disabilities will be afforded differentiated opportunities to earn community service hours. Community service opportunities should not impose on a student’s IEP goals or objectives.

  • Alternative opportunities could include fewer hours or alternative opportunities that may not be considered/accepted for other students. The community service coordinator will work with individual case managers to develop an individualized community service plan.

English Learners: Students with language needs will be afforded the same opportunities as all students. Some students with language barriers will need additional assistance in completing community service hours. The community service coordinator will work with English Learner teachers to develop appropriate community service opportunities.


Students with Special Circumstances: Students with special circumstances will be afforded the same opportunities as all students. Some students with special circumstances will need additional assistance in completing community service hours. The community service coordinator will work with MHS teachers/counselors to develop appropriate community service opportunities.


Verification of Community Service Hours

The community service coordinator will accept hours verified by staff members, club advisors, or community agency coordinators. This will include hours at other agencies.

  • The name, position, signature, and contact information of the staff members, club advisors, or community agency coordinators will be required.
  • Students will be required to submit a verification form with the amount of hours earned.
  • Detailed records will not be required from the student. The verification form specifying the hours earned will be the only documentation required.

Community Service Administrative Regulation Updates

The community service committee will decide each year if future changes to this AR will be phased in yearly with the freshmen class or across all grade levels at one time. All future iterations of this AR will be brought to the Milpitas Unified School Board for review. The school board will decide if proposed changes to this AR require a change to board policy.


(cf. 1020 - Youth Services)

(cf. 6000 – Concepts and Roles) (cf. 6011 -Academic Standards)

(cf. 6142.3 – Civic Education)

Service Learning

The Board supports service learning instructional strategies as integral components of the district's curriculum. The Board encourages staff to collaborate with local public and nonprofit agencies in order to develop service learning activities that meet educational objectives, align with state and local academic standards, and address current community needs (BP 6142.4).


233.5 Teaching of principles

35160 Authority of governing boards

35160.1 Broad authority of school districts

37220.6 Cesar Chavez Day of Service and

Learning 51210 Areas of study, grades 1-6

51220 Areas of study, grades 7-12

51745 Independent study

Frequently Asked Questions


 - Can I work at my church? Yes, if the work serves the community (ie: helping the homeless) and is not explicitly religious (worship service, religious study, missionary work).

- Can I work at my mom’s work for free? No, because you are donating your time to a for-profit business.

- Can I sign the confirmation form myself if I’m 18? No, because of liability issues.



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Service Learning Requirement

Come see Ms. Brown in P-19 or e mail her at for Community Service questions and forms.  I look forward to meeting you!  You can also print out the forms right here! 

2016-2017 Community Service Forms! 


All students at Milpitas High School must complete a total of 20 hours of Service Learning in order to graduate.  This is an opportunity to serve others while gaining experience and doing service for others! Look out for Service Learning opportunities on this site, around school, or through School Loop mail.  

Helpful Hints

1. Students need to contact volunteer agencies.  Many agencies will not return phone calls made by parents.

2. Check this site often for volunteer opportunities, they are constantly being updated.

3. Join a service oriented club on campus!


MHS Service Learning Criteria

Service must be for the general good Service must be voluntary, unpaid and on the student’s own time There must be a service agency with a representative who can be contacted to confirm service Students cannot act as Service Agency Representatives Service Agency Representative cannot be a relative of the student’s Working at a for-profit business for free does not count as Community Service Helping an individual, without the sanction of an agency, does not count as Community Service Service cannot be explicitly religious or political. Service must be for the good of others, not for the good of oneself. Training required by an agency in order to become a volunteer does not count toward service hours.